Share your light, keep the darkness at bay

With great pleasure and anticipation, and with the powers of “Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire” it is our privilege and honor to announce that Southwest Leather Conference, under new ownership and management, rises from the ashes on January 21-23, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. The legacy of SWLC with its roots in Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul shall continue under the dedicated work of TEAM SWLC. SWLC shall be the home of Southwest Bootblack Contest as it has always been. SWLC shall also host the Southwest Master/slave Contest 2022 as it has always done in the past. And most importantly, Dance of Souls will draw many, as it has for many years in the past and the legacy shall continue in the future. This is a new era, with fresh adventures, renewed affirmation, and reestablished commitments and we are looking to the future.