Be the Earthquake, and Break New Ground


MAKE your own footing; and when the ground will not give you a place to stand: Break it. Be the Earthquake that brings about the change you need. Embrace the fear of uncertainty – and fall on your face. When you find yourself laying on the ground, get back up, put the Earth beneath you, and break it again.

This Woo-nderful conference will feature the leather spirituality you’ve come to expect, from the opening ritual to the tribal revival; the Southwest Bootblack, and Master and slave contests; workshops; a rocking Bootblack lounge; our place for spiritual focus; play parties; hospitality; leather mall, and silent auction; all culminating in the largest hook pull event in the country, the dance of souls!

Our Earthquake theme is intended to shake things up a bit, so please join us in making your own path at Southwest Leather Conference 2019.