Share your light, keep the darkness at bay

Share your light with us at Southwest Leather Conference 2020 where we will tame the flame! They say that a candle loses nothing in the act of lighting another candle and that all the darkness in the world can be held at bay by the light of a single candle. Imagine what will happen when we share our lights in THIS darkness. We invite you to come to our conference in 2020 and share you light with the world!​

Our Sponsors

Southwest Leather Conference invites you to partner with us to take advantage of our many sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Let us help you increase exposure and heighten awareness of your organization. 

This amazing weekend is made possible only by the efforts of many individuals, leather clubs, community organizations and businesses throughout the world, the United States, and within the Southwest region. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Please contact us for Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities for SWLC 2020!