Be the Earthquake, and Break New Ground


MAKE your own footing; and when the ground will not give you a place to stand: Break it. Be the Earthquake that brings about the change you need. Embrace the fear of uncertainty – and fall on your face. When you find yourself laying on the ground, get back up, put the Earth beneath you, and break it again.

This Woo-nderful conference will feature the leather spirituality you’ve come to expect, from the opening ritual to the tribal revival; the Southwest Bootblack, and Master and slave contests; workshops; a rocking Bootblack lounge; our place for spiritual focus; play parties; hospitality; leather mall, and silent auction; all culminating in the largest hook pull event in the country, the dance of souls!

Our Earthquake theme is intended to shake things up a bit, so please join us in making your own path at Southwest Leather Conference 2019.

Interested in shaking things up as a new presenter or rocking our world by debuting a new topic in front of an audience for the first time? Are you looking to get noticed as a presenter? Submit your proposal to be a part of our ground breaking “Quickies!” Series, and get an opportunity to present at Southwest Leather Conference for 15 minutes!

Submit your “Quickies!” Proposal to

Fine print: consider the conference’s earthquake theme in your proposal. Please do not submit full length classes at this time, there will be future opportunities for full class submissions. “Quickies!” Presenters must be able to travel to Southwest Leather Conference on their own and procure lodging without assistance. “Quickies!” presenters will receive a nominal discount on their registration.