Winning the title of Southwest Master and slave ~

Jan 2017 - 

WOW... we are so very humbled that we are the Southwest Master/slave 2017 ELECT until after Southplains in March... what a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!  LOL yes FABULOUSSSSSSSSSS!!   ((you had to have been at SWLC to understand FABULOUSSSSSS, LOL))

There is no way that we can thank everyone that made this possible and supported us to make this happen!!  THANK YOU!!

We can not say enough how overwhelming this is - numbing - and EXCITING!!  We have a long list of classes available to help share Master/slave to others everywhere!!  Please contact us if you wish us to be in your neck of the woods!

We will be at Southplains Leatherfest this March and then on to many other events!! 

Our focus is sharing about Real life Master/slave 24/7 and that it may not always be pretty and tied up in a pretty bow, but it is who we are even over 20 years later!  In our opinion - It is not a dream, it is a reality for many - all you need to do is communicate and be truthful  with each other and be willing to do the work! 

That is our task that we have set ourselves... to share who and what we are with others... to be as open and honest as we can be! 

Work perhaps - but for us it is a joy to share, to help and to learn from others.

We walk our path and learn more about ourselves every day.  


Southplains follow up ~

March 13th, 2017 -

Officially we are now Southwest Master/slave for 2017!  Attending the International contest at Southplains Leatherfest was so fantastic and yes was like coming home!!  We met new people, reconnected with those that we had not seen in a while and had a great time!!!  The classes were awesome, the keynote speech was AWESOME and the contest itself - well that was nervewracking!!  There was no one couple that stood out since they were ALL so good!! Congratulations to ALL the contestants for the International Master/slave!!!  We know now what to expect for next year and know that we will be a nervous ball of nerves and hope that all of you will hug the nervousness out of us!!!  LOL 

Now off to more events and to meet more people and help to educate about Master/slave to those that wish to learn!!     

Our Travels ~

Our schedule of events that we are going too SO FAR - updated when events are added!!

************* March 9-12th, 2017-Southplains Leatherfest-Dallas, TX ------ WHAT AN AWESOME EVENT SOUTHPLAINS LEATHERFEST WAS!! CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!! SAME DATES FOR 2018**  There were some great classes and it did feel like coming home... met some wonderful people and had fun fun fun!!!   

***** March 19th, 2017 - MAsT Phoenix

***** March 25th, 2017 - Bizaare Bizaare - APEX all day event - what a great time we had!! Presented two mini classes and volunteered for the SWLC and Butchmanns Experience information tables!!  

*****  April 21st-23, 2017 - Oklahoma Leatherfest-Oklahoma City, OK---- presenting,,, had such a fantastic event!! This new event was fantastic! We presented two classes and had some good interactions in them and learned from those that attended!!  We connected with some old friends and met loads of new friends and had a great time, can't wait until next year !!!

******  April 28th-30, 2017 - LeatherHEAT - CA ... Master had to attend without me but he had a great time and everyone took such good care of him!  That's awesome!!

*****  May 5th-7th, 2017 - Northwest Leather - NWLC - CA - this was such a wonderful event, great classes, contest and enjoyed everything about the event.. we can't wait to return again next year.

****  June 15th-18th, 2017 - Southeast Leather Fest  - SELF - Atlanta - - - We had so much fun here... and have enjoyed how each event is special and unique!!   We met so many new people and attended some great classes as well!!  Can not wait until next year for more!!!

**** July 3rd, 2017 - APEX Monday night presenting - Phoenix, AZ  We presented on "Where is the instruction book for this thing called Master/slave?" we had over 35 people on a holiday weekend!! wow!!  Some fantastic questions and comments from our audience and we learned from them as well!!  Thank you to those that were able to attend!!

***** July 14th-16th, 2017 - Reno, NV - Intense weekend - presenting 2 classes and hosting the Hospitality Cigar Mardi Gras party on Friday eve!  This was a wonderful newer event and they had over 100 people attending!!!  We will be back next year for this one!!!

***** July 21st-22nd, 2017 - Thunder in the Mtns - Denver, CO - Attending this event again was so much fun!!   Met so many new people and connected with some old old friends - can not wait until next year!!!

***** August 4-6, 2017 - Rocky Mountain Rebellion- salt lake city, UT-presenting on "What is a Master, what is a slave"  We had so much fun at this event - we regretfully had a "LEARNING OPPORTUNITY" experience with our Friday night flight from Phoenix that delayed us so much that we arrived after 1 a.m. on Saturday!!! We changed that to a positive with our first class that morning and continued thru the weekend - we attended the POL and Puppy/trainer contests and classes on other topics from "Warrior/slave" and "Sensory Dep" on Sunday that had the entire room laughing and learning from each other... what a great conference!!  We look forward to attending next year!!! 

******* August 31st-Sept 3rd, 2017 - Master/slave Conference, Baltimore - - - What an awesome event!!  The entire conference is about and for Master/slave - Power exchange relationships.. it was  FANTASTIC!  Sir has been before, but it was my first and we met so many wonderful people and had great time!!  Can not wait to return next year!! 

********* Sept 22nd-24th, 2017 - APEX Anniversary Party  - Wonderful dinner and fantastic social time with old friends and new ones!  It was great to see some people that have not been to APEX in many years and have them recognized for what they did for APEX!!  We have both been members for over 20 years so the Anniversary party so very special to us!!  This particular event is of course close to our hearts as it was a year ago that we won the AZ Master/slave title - regretfully there were no contestants this year from AZ so we were there to celebrate APEX's anniversary and talk about the contest for NEXT year!!

********** Sept 25th, 2017 - APEX Monday night presenting - Phoenix, AZ - Master/slave Relationships - What is Consent?  - Great class - slave Bonnie was unable to attend this one since her mother got really sick but Master Dennis handled it in style!!  Good turnout and interaction with those that attended showing the different ways that we get consent daily/monthly or originally in their relationships!

********** Sept 29th-Oct 1 - Great Lakes Leather Fest -  We love this event and have been unable to attend for a few years so we were so glad to return again!   Awesome people there, great contests, fantastic classes and loads of fun!!!   I do not think we slept much because we had so much fun!!   Can not wait to return next year!

********** Oct 6th-8th, 2017 - Behind Closed Doors - Tucson, AZ - - - - This was BCD's 10 year anniversary so there was allot going on to celebrate!  We were able to reconnect with some long lost friends, attend same FANTASTIC classes and taught our own on M/s adding Minions!!  The entire event was really special since they had the entire hotel and we spent long hours on our patio sitting and talking to many and the hotel staff was AWESOME!!  Looking forward to BCD 11 next year!!

******** Oct 9th, 2017 - APEX Monday night Presenting - Phoenix, AZ - Master/slave - - - - We had a great turn out for this class!!   Plus allot of great interaction from those attending too gave us all some great input on what is a Master and what is a slave to YOU?? 


* Oct 21st - San Diego - ClubX

* Oct 22nd - San Diego MAsT

* Nov 3rd-5th, 2017 - Wicked in the West - presenting

* Jan 18th-21st, 2018 - SWLC returns!!!

* Feb 2018 - Sin in the city - Las Vegas, NV

* March 8th-11th, 2018 - Southplains Leatherfest - Dallas, TX-year full circle!!!


We are excited to go to all the above events representing the SW region!!  



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