We suggest that you wear loose-fitting clothes. During the Dance itself you may want to wear a colorful sarong, pareo, lava-lava, or a belly dance skirt. Some dancers have enjoyed adding a mask and/or body paint. Nudity inside the Dance space is also fine, but please bring a public-suitable covering in case you have to leave the space for any reason. Please keep in mind if you go outside or any other public area which is outside of the event curtains (including the restroom), all piercings and hooks must be covered. SWLC security will remind participants to cover up if a piercing or hook becomes visible.


  • A small towel or cloth to sit on if you are nude. Please DO NOT use hotel towels and blankets.
  • Those dancing with piercings need to bring weights (1 ounce to 3.5 ounces each) in the form of bells* or balls with wire hangers, or fruit (such as limes) with wire hangers like the ones for Christmas tree ornaments (you may decide just before dancing how many of these you want to wear), or other such talismans or adornments.
  • A bottle of water or juice and snacks. Water, fruit and granola bars will be available.
  • A SMALL personal after-care blanket. Please DO NOT use hotel towels and blankets.
  • Drums and percussion items (tambourines, bells, rattles, etc.)
  • Masks or other costume items
  • Body or face paint
  • Items for the Dance Altar (see next section below)
  • A bag in which to place all of your personal effects during the dance. A bag check service will be available in order to keep the floor free of obstacles.
    NOTE: Please do not bring large blankets, shoes, boots, suitcases, and other items into the dance. Space is at a premium and these items need to be left at the bag check.


There will be a non-denominational altar for all Dance participants on which you can place items with a personal or spiritual meaning for the duration of the ceremony. This altar will be adorned with pictures of beloved community members, or fetishes or images representing Hindu~Jewish~ Christian~ Druid~ Buddhist~Islamic~Wiccan or other personal beliefs. You are welcome to bring something for the altar that is sacred to you or your loved ones. Please respect others’ sacred items by touching only your own belongings.


We are happy to provide a complimentary bag-check service for participants so that you can keep all of your personal effects together and out of the way of the dance floor space. Gratuities for bag check appreciated.  **SWLC assumes no liability for items placed or left in bag check area.


The Piercing Team is proud to announce that we are completely Latex-Free! All gloves, band-aids, 1st Aid products, and even the tape used to secure the floor coverings are all safe for those with latex allergies.


CELL PHONES and PHOTOGRAPHY are prohibited in the Dance area.  This will be strictly enforced and violators will be asked to leave the dance space. Attendees who use blue tooth enabled hearing aids need to contact a Journey Guide to have their phone camera lens covered with a special sticker.