Volunteer From The Heart

Southwest Leather Conference recognizes the contributions of volunteers to facilitate a successful event and understands that different volunteers can contribute different skills and abilities. We understand that most people volunteer for the joy of helping and we value that unselfish generosity. As a gesture of appreciation, official volunteers who commit to giving 8+ hours of service during the event will receive $58 off their weekend registration discounted at the time of your payment.

  • Bootblack Lounge Monitor
    • Bootblack Lounge volunteers assist with maintaining sign-up sheets, hunting down next-in-chair, providing charming conversation to those waiting to have their boots done, assisting bootblacks with minor errands such as refilling water bottles, helping at the Friday night Bootblack Lounge party after the opening festivities, and general tidying of the lounge and cigar patio. This position is for the fun-at-heart, and requires a sense of humor and sincere desire to help. In return, you'll be invited in to the fabulous world of bootblacks, leather service, pranks, hijinks, partying, and some of the hottest scenes at SWLC.
  • Dungeon Monitor
    • Dungeon Monitors are patient and courteous people familiar with general SM etiquette and safety issues who are willing to enforce these rules in a polite and respectful manner. Dungeon Monitors watch the play space with an eye toward assistance and, in the unlikely event you need to step in and interrupt a scene, intervention. They may also function as ambassadors; explaining what equipment is available and answering attendee's many questions including where to find the bathroom, first aid stations, and cleaning supplies. Dungeon monitors will also staff the door and assist with crowd control.
  • Dungeon Set-Up
    • Dungeon set-up volunteers help with unloading of equipment on Thursday evening and assist with preparing the play spaces on Friday and Saturday evenings. These dedicated volunteers must be able to carry out some heavy lifting.
  • Dungeon Break-Down
    • Night owls can help after the play parties are over on Friday and Saturday nights. Work together to move equipment, clean-up, and clear the rooms for the next day of workshops and other fun. These dedicated volunteers must be able to carry out some heavy lifting.
  • Hospitality Suite Concierge
    • Hospitality Suite Concierges assist with greetings guests, helping host groups with stocking food and beverages, and general tidying of the Hospitality Suite.
  • Our Place Temple Guard
    • Contribute to the spiritual heart of the conference as a person who is spiritually aware, capable of holding sacred space and willing to do so for at least two hours at a time. A Temple Guard’s duties include welcoming Our Place visitors, keeping visitors respectfully quiet, setting the general tone for sacred practice for whoever is in the room, and maintaining the physical state of the space. Our Place Temple Guards are not selected arbitrarily but are chosen at the discretion of the Our Place Lead according to the direction of the spirits.
  • Security
    • The Security Team helps to protect various areas of the conference as well as making sure the attendees are adhering to the rules of the hotel and conference. Security volunteers are chosen at the discretion of the Security Lead.
  • Event Set-Up
    • The set-up crew works on Thursday and Friday preparing for the conference. Some tasks include hanging signage, moving tables, setting up curtains, arranging displays and carrying in supplies. Some heavy lifting and/or ladder climbing is necessary.
  • Event Break-Down
    • The break-down crew assists with ensuring the host hotel is returned to the state SWLC received it. This includes but it not limited to packing/carrying supplies, removing signage, and carrying equipment to the to the Supply truck on Sunday afternoon and evening.
  • Stagehand
    • Stagehands assist with preparing areas for Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning festivities. Quick thinking and ability to do some heavy lifting and ladder climbing is a must.
  • Workshop Monitor
    • Let your personality shine as a visible representative of SWLC. Workshop monitor responsibilities include confirming room set-up, welcoming and introducing speakers, recording the attendance of the presentation they are assigned to, handing out evaluation forms, collecting completed evaluation forms, and thanking the presenter.
  • Silent Auction Staff
    • The Silent Auction staff assists with receiving, labeling, and displaying Silent Auction donations as well as greeting shoppers and answering questions. These volunteers must be able to print neatly, easily reach up to 6”, and move freely in an intimate, crowded space.

  • Please submit this application before registering for the event
  • Submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer
  • Each application will be reviewed upon submission and the interested attendee will be informed of volunteer status within 7 days.
  • Once accepted, the Volunteer Advocate, will send via email a designated code for online registration. The event volunteers will then have 7 days to complete the online registration and pay the reduced registration fee.
  • Attendee volunteers must abide by all rules and regulations of all other SWLC attendees.
  • All official volunteers who commit to giving 8+ hours of service during the event will receive $58 off their weekend registration discounted at the time of your payment.
  • Event volunteers will be responsible for all pre-purchase of desired meals, event extras and Dance of Souls.
  • Volunteer registrations cannot be sold or transferred.
  • Refunds for volunteer registrations will incur the same fees as per standard registrations.


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