“This is SweetSalt, first of her name, Queen of the cunt snot and sweaty pits, Lord of Emetics, Lover of Power Exchange, Breaker of Taboos, the Blood Stained, the Screamer, the Licker of Toilets and the Mother of Mayhem.”

SweetSalt is a queer, polyamorous switch who fell in love with the more hi "taboo" fetishes very soon after she started all this kinky stuff in 2005. Up until then she was sweet and innocent and wouldn't hurt a fly. (Seriously!) SweetSalt has presented at events across the country, spreading her special brand of smut to decent people all over. There have not yet been any reports of it being contagious, so, y'know, that's a plus, but the people who witnessed it have never been the same. 

She is also a mentor for the Dallas submissive Mentors Program and hopes those listening to her ramblings can gain something from it. She shares her heart and her passions with multiple partners, but she is honored to present as slave of Master Malik...he chose to handle all the crazy, which makes them crazier than she will ever be - and that's saying a lot.

SweetSalt has found her calling and passion in presenting on topics that are seldom discussed. She’s all full of woo and preaches the power of connection during scenes, relationships, and power exchange dynamics. If you give her a soapbox she will literally talk for hours. SweetSalt plans to continue learning on her journey and hopes to always be able to share what she learns with others