Southwest Master/slave Contest

2022 Southwest Master and slave Contest
At Southwest Leather Conference
January 21 – January 23, 2022
Phoenix, Arizona


Requirements and Expectations for Contestants and Titleholder

  1. Contestants must self-identify as Master and slave.
  2. Contestants must have been in a self-identified Master/slave relationship with each other for at least 1 year prior to running for the Southwest Master/slave title.
  3. The contestants must be willing, should they win, to travel to a minimum of 4 events or BDSM/leather group meetings to present on Master/slave relationships and/or to represent the titles.  One of the 4 events must be the next year’s Southwest Master/slave contest.
  4. The titleholders are strongly encouraged to attend more than the minimum number of events and to seek out every opportunity to speak on Master/slave relationships.  
  5. The titleholders must be willing to speak on Master/slave relationships to all segments of the BDSM/leather community.  In addition, the titleholders are encouraged to select venues and attend events that offer them the opportunity to speak on Master/slave relationships, rather than to simply appear as titleholders.
  6. The titleholders may accept additional monetary support from groups, event sponsors or individuals to cover travel expenses, and may raise additional money to cover travel expenses through fundraising activities.  The titleholders may not receive payment for speaking engagements or other activities performed in their role as  Master and slave during the title year.
  7. The contestants run for the Southwest Master and slave titles as a pair. Should one (or both) members of the winning pair become unable to carry out the requirements of the title, the Producer of the Southwest Master/slave title will determine in what manner the title will be represented for the remainder of the year in question.  
  8. If the titleholders are unable to carry out the requirements of the title, any unspent travel funds will be returned to the Producer of the title, along with a financial accounting of funds that have been spent to date.
  9. During the title year, the titleholders may not accept fees for giving or receiving BDSM activity, whether sexual or non-sexual in nature. 
  10. The owner or producer of the Southwest Master and slave title reserves the right to recall the title from the current titleholders if, in its judgment, the titleholders have failed to substantially comply with  or fulfill the obligations of the title.     
Contestants will be judged in the following categories:
  • Speech (100 points) – The Master and the slave will each make a 2 minute (or less) speech during the Saturday evening contest on the topic of their choice.  The Master and the slave are not required to speak on the same topic. 
  • Interview with Judges (150 points) – During the Interview category, the judges will direct questions at both the Master and the slave.  The questions may address, among other topics, any aspect of Master/slave relationships in general, BDSM, leather history, and the contestants’ specific Master/slave relationship. The Interview is open to any registered attendee of Southwest Leather Conference. 
  • On-stage question (75 points) – During the Saturday evening contest, each Master and slave will draw and answer a “pop” question while on stage.  The questions will generally focus on Master/slave relationships or more generally, on BDSM topics.
  • Master/slave dynamic (75 points) – Contestants will be observed by the judges throughout the weekend and will be judged on how they interact and present themselves as Master and slave to the public.  No particular form of “protocol” or dress is considered to be correct.  The judges will be looking for contestants that are comfortable in their particular Master/slave dynamic.  
  • Presentation (100 points) --  Each contestant pair will be required to present a brief presentation on any issue relating to Master/slave relationships.  Each contestant pair will be given a maximum of 10 minutes for the presentation.  Contestants are permitted to use hand outs or visual aids in their presentations, but are not required to do so.  Both the Master and slave must speak during the presentation.  The Presentation category will be open to all attendees of Southwest Leather Conference.  At the conclusion of all contestant presentations, if time permits, contestants will answer questions from the audience about their presentations.  The judges will not ask questions of the contestants in this judging category.
In addition, each Master/slave contestant pair is required to bring a minimum of three to five  “significant” items for the Travel Fund Auction.  (Item is defined as an individual item, or a basket of smaller items.) The list and value of the items should be submitted via email to the above addresses, no later than a week before the event. 
Producers’ guarantee for the Winners’ Packet:  
The contest winners will receive the following:
  • 2 Winner’s back patches (1 for Master, 1 for slave)
  • 2 medallions (1 for Master, 1 for slave)
  • Travel Fund consisting of all amounts raised from the M/s Items auction, and an equal division of all other monies raised at the Southwest Leather Conference general auction. 
If you have any questions, please email Master Malik at or