Southwest Bootblack Contest

 2022 Southwest Bootblack Contest
At Southwest Leather Conference 
January 21 – January 23, 2022
Phoenix, Arizona 

The Southwest Bootblack competition promotes the art and skill of bootblacking and raises awareness within the leather community for bootblacks and bootblacking. The competition honors the dedication and spirit of bootblacks. The Southwest Bootblack title provides a platform to educate others and promote this tradition.


  1. Contestants must be at least 21 years old. Contestants must possess a current and legal Driver’s License or Identification Card from their state of residence. 
  2. Contestants must reside in the Southwest region, defined as Southern California, Arizona, Nevada (except Reno area), New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, Oklahoma and Texas. Titleholders must reside in the region throughout their title year.
  3. The Southwest Bootblack title is open to any contestant, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, D-type or s-type affinity, or choice of leather/fetish/kink lifestyle. The Southwest Bootblack may elect to compete for an international title, or focus on service within the Southwest Region. The agenda of this title is decided on by the winner. You get to choose what is important to you and what your title year will signify. 
  4. Contestants are required to bring a minimum of three to five  “significant” items for the Travel Fund Auction.  (Item is defined as an individual item, or a basket of smaller items.) The list and value of the items should be submitted via email to the above addresses, no later than a week before the event.
  5. Contestant application must be completed in full and received no later than January 10, 2022.


  1. The Southwest Bootblack will receive a vest patch and medallion to keep unless the Producer revokes the title. 
  2. The Southwest Bootblack will be supplied with travel funds for costs during their title year. Total funds available will be determined based on auction items sold during the event and other supplementary fundraising activities. 
  3. Titleholder must attend a minimum of 4 events or BDSM/leather group meetings to present on Bootblacking and/or to represent the title.  One of the 4 events must be the next year’s Southwest Bootblack contest.
    1. The titleholder is strongly encouraged to attend more than the minimum number of events and to seek out every opportunity to speak on Bootblacking; 
    2. Attendance at events in various parts of the Southwest region is highly encouraged.
    3. Attendance at Southwest feeder contests is highly encouraged.
  4. During the title year, Southwest Bootblack may compete at one of the international Bootblack competitions. 
  5. The Southwest Bootblack Titleholder may accept additional monetary support from groups, event/contest sponsors or individuals to supplement travel expenses and may raise additional money to cover supplementary travel expenses through fundraising activities. Gratuities for bootblacking services may be accepted and used in whatever way the titleholder wishes. 
  6. The Titleholder must represent the Southwest Region, SWLC, themselves, and their own communities at all times. Unacceptable behavior including, but not limited to substance abuse, felony charges, and other conduct unbecoming a titleholder may result in title revocation. 
  7. Should the Southwest Bootblack titleholder become unable to carry out the requirements of the title, the producer will determine in what manner the title will be represented for the remainder of the year in question. 
  8. The producer reserves the right to recall a title from the current titleholder if, in its judgment, the titleholder has failed to substantially comply with or fulfill the philosophy and/or obligations of the title. 
  9. The titleholder must adhere to the contract. 


  1. Bootblack and Leather Care Skills, as observed by the judges during "Open Shine" time, gauged in two areas (total of 150 Points)
    - Technical Ability (100 points)
    - Chair Management (50 points)
  2. Interview with the judging panel (100 points)
  3. Two-minute Speech given on stage by each contestant (100 points)
  4. Contestants will also be given 30 minutes on Friday to restore one boot during the Tech Boot portion of the contest. This will be open to the public and be held at the Bootblack Lounge. Scoring will be based on the judges’ comparison of the boot to its untouched mate and techniques used to achieve it. (50 Points)
  5. Ten-minute educational Presentation on a bootblacking/leather care where the contestant will explain the process used to restore the boot. (50 points)
  6. Pop Question answered on stage by each contestant (50 points)
  7. Overall Image and Personality as observed by the judges throughout the contest weekend (50 points)

A minimum of 70% of the possible points available are required to win, regardless of the number of contestants competing. There are three judges and all scores are included.