Southplains Leatherfest 2017 ~

 March 13th, 2017 -


Officially we are now Southwest Master/slave for 2017!  Attending the International contest at Southplains Leatherfest was so fantastic and yes was like coming home!!  We met new people, reconnected with those that we had not seen in a while and had a great time!!!  The classes were awesome, the keynote speech was AWESOME and the contest itself - well that was nervewracking!!  There was no one couple that stood out since they were ALL so good!! Congratulations to ALL the contestants for the International Master/slave!!!  We know now what to expect for next year and know that we will be a nervous ball of nerves and hope that all of you will hug the nervousness out of us!!!  LOL 


Now off to more events and to meet more people and help to educate about Master/slave to those that wish to learn!!       

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