slave bren

slave bren first discovered the lifestyle back in Windsor, Canada in 1998. Met her Master in 2002 and then moved to Los Angeles, California to be under the care and guidance of Master George in 2003 making her Canadian made, American Owned and Operated!
She was a dedicated slave in service to Master George for 19 years.
Though he has passed she will forever be in His service of protecting His property and making Him proud. As now head of Master George's leather family she guides, nurtures and mentors the strong representation of Leather her Master always carried forth. slave Bren is a Member of the BOE in Detroit MI, Host of MAsT Greater Detroit, The Southern California Leather Women 2015, SW Leather slave 2011, The Threshold Society Coordinator Emeritus, from 2012-2013 the first female slave to ever hold this position. She is the humble founder of the Los Angeles sisters in submission (LAsis), Founder of the Los Angeles girls of Leather chapter and a proud Hard Pink sister. She hosted a yearly national auction to benefit organizations nationally in our Leather community and to date she has raised over $50,000.00. She has served as the PR Coordinator for Women International Leather Legacy Conference and was the Southwest Leather M/s Contest Coordinator 2013. slave bren was the Co/owner and executive producer of Leather H.E.A.T a weekend conference held in Los Angeles. She has judged local, numerous regional, and international leather contests. Along with her Master and on her own she has traveled around the nation presenting classes on the Master/slave dynamic. slave bren has been awarded the Southland honors Chairman’s award 2012 for her service to her local leather community. Southwest Leather Conference Volunteer of the Year Award in January 2013. Payasos LA 2016 Women of the year award, The Bullet Bar LA Richard Bass community service award 2018.