Boypup Rocko has identified as a leatherman since 1997 and first joined the Lexington Lyons Leather/Levi in 1998 in Lexington, Kentucky. This group of amazing men taught him that the true heart of a leatherman is about trust, honor, and respect and that without those, there can be no principled leadership in our community. Boypup Rocko works for the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS and the IGNITE Program as The PrEP Guy to reduce stigma, normalize conversations, and educate and assist those who might benefit from PrEP. 

With the support of his club he was the first (and last) titleholder for Mr. Bluegrass Drummer and Mr. Kentucky Drummer contest in 1999. Since then, he has served leather contests as a judge, denboy, judge's boy, tallymaster, and has been co-Producer for Southwest Leather Sir, boy, and Community Bootblack for the last few years. Boypup Rocko has received the Community Unsung Hero Award by Mr. Phoenix Leather, has been pinned as Mama's boypup rocko JRT, and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by Southwest Daddy Bear and cub Weekend. Rocko is married to his loving partner of 13 years, is Alpha to Steve and pug, puppy brother to Pup Mohawk, and has proudly worn Daddy Kenneth's collar for the last eight years. 

Boypup Rocko is a member of the Arizona Pups and Handlers and the Phoenix boys of Leather and has served as President, Vice President, and Mentor in this close-knit (and incredibly fun) brotherhood. Rocko is thankful to have so much love in his life, and recognizes that he might just be the luckiest boy in the world.