Rhapsodic Caning

Few percussion implements mark as easily or strike fear into the hearts of bottoms as the cane. The cane is an elegant instrument: its flexibility, variations in diameter all produce a wide range of sensations from sensual to frankly painful. Demonstration and discussion of how to utilize the chakras to Canes create a sharp pain that permeates seconds that seem like minutes after the strike. A broad spectrum of caning techniques will be demonstrated.

The feet are the foundation of the body. They allow us to stand, walk and run. Bastinado involves striking a bottom on the soles of their feet with a stick. The foot a place where nerve endings are close to the surface and therefore especially susceptible to pain and pleasure. When bastinado is combined with precision striking and reflexology techniques it can combine a pain and pleasure balance that extends beyond the scene and has healing effects. Success! Find the foot's sweet spot, learn to transfer energy to the root chakra and shazam a footgasm is possible. The first 20 attendees at this workshop will receive a cane as a token.