Protocols & Rituals “Keeping the Train on the Rails”

There are many classes on Protocols and Rituals, but this one covers the basics and then dives far deeper. In this class, we illustrate why protocols and rituals in the M/s dynamic is not just a way to micromanage, but a way in which to help the relationship blossom into something much greater and of deeper value than role playing. Protocols and rituals are the landmarks along the M/s journey, the pulse-checking that daily reinforces the relationship and serves to remind each member of their position, their obligations, and their integrity.

 This class will discuss the specifics of Protocols and Rituals; from developing a manual and devising key phrasing that is tailored to the dynamics of the varieties of M/s relationships, to putting these standards into place, to overcoming self-consciousness –and discovering the “flip” moment when the protocol becomes second nature, to contracts and reviewing of protocols, to enhancing them and ensuring they do not become either stale or routine. We will also cover how these protocols can be done while surrounded by the vanilla world. Protocols can put the “train back on the tracks” when the Pressures of the outside world become a distraction.

 This is not the typical “Protocols” class; this is how to make your M/s relationship into true 24/7 by finding the heart of the M/s relationship, and building its foundation in bedrock.