Play Parties

FRIDAY         9:30 pm - 2:00 am
SATURDAY   9:30 pm - 2:00 am

Come! Play with us! Join us both Friday and Saturday nights for HOT Play on-site at the hotel! Over 5,000 square feet of play space, set up and furnished for your enjoyment, with over 40+ play stations, including: St Andrews Crosses, Spanking Benches, Medical Play Equipment, Suspension, Whipping Posts, Mummification Tables, Wax Play Area, Cages, Bondage Lacing Tables, Kneeling Benches, Singletail Space, A Recovery Area, Bag Check, and more.

So break out your best fetish wear and toys, bring your play partner, and … COME! PLAY WITH US!

The Play Parties are only for registered attendees. Play Party passes will not be sold without registering for the event (a full weekend package or a day package.)

Just remember the rules so that everyone can have fun:

  • No cellphones or cameras of any sort will be allowed to be used or visible past the play space doors during the on-site play parties. Any attendee seen with a cellphone past the play space doors during the on-site play parties might have their registration immediately cancelled and the equipment confiscated and checked to ensure that no photos or recordings were taken. That person could be banned from further participation in the 2019 event and could be permanently banned from participating in future SWLC events. All cellphones should be turned off and checked with the complimentary bag check before entering play spaces.
  • All activities are to be consensual for all parties involved
  • All activities must be legal. All members must be at least 18 years of age. Discussions of pedophilia, necrophilia or bestiality are strongly discouraged. Sex workers, like all other members of the general community, are welcome, but sexual solicitation at the SWLC event is not acceptable and will result in immediate revocation of your registration and your removal from the event with no refund of any part of your paid fees
  • The Safeword of the SWLC play space is "Red." "Red" means stop all action and re-negotiate before continuing
  • In the event that a Dungeon Monitor tells a member to modify or stop a scene, they must be obeyed. The purpose of the Dungeon Monitors is to see that the rules are enforced. Dungeon Monitors have the responsibility to protect the integrity of the space and the right to stop a scene for non-compliance
  • There will be no breath play nor choke play
  • There will be no flying or “aerosoled” blood
  • There will be no urine or feces play
  • There will be no fireplay or any open flame allowed
  • There will be no firearm play (in fact, no firearms are permitted in any hotel space used by SWLC)
  • Do not sit or leave things on equipment that you are not using for play
  • Do not join or interrupt a scene without permission
  • As soon as it is appropriate when the scene is over, clean up the equipment and vacate for the next players. At various locations in the play space we have provided cleaning supplies to use on equipment, red containers for contaminated waste, and sharps containers for the sharps