Master Tyr

Master Tyr has been involved in the Leather Community since 1982. He is a native NYer and started his leather journey there. He is a retired firefighter/paramedic of 25 years. He was co-department chair of EMS at Valencia Community College and taught at University of Florida.He authored the "Practice Parameters for Documentation" for the State of Florida.

Master Tyr has taught nationally and internationally. The last international trip was to Paris, France and taught a seminar in the Marais. He specializes in fire, bondage, whips, floggers,smoke and ash, and electricity. He added new classes in kink and disability and protocol.

He has founded or is a founding member of numerous organizations. Presently he is the President of Arizona Leather Women and Host of the Arizona Cigar Social. He was active in the community on the East Coast. NLA NYC, Orlando Munch, Atlanta Bondage Club, Arizona Bondage Club, previous member of Arizona Bears and cubs. He co-produced the Arizona Leather Daddy Bear, Mama Bear and cub contest. He does a lot of volunteer work for Canine Companions. The largest and oldest  service dog organization in the US. He believes that part of the responsibility of being a Master is to support the local community.