Master Dutch

Master Dutch has been involved in the European BDSM community for many years. He has been owner of two public Dungeons in Belgium and board member of the BDSM organization Rozes vzw in Belgium. Master Dutch has presented workshops on a variety of topics such as bondage, spanking, flogging, fire play, and needle play. Over the years he has organized several events in Europe. He is also webmaster of several BDSM oriented websites (commercial and private), webmaster/developer of non-lifestyle websites and hosts, via, several BDSM oriented websites on his own servers. Since the servers are located in Amsterdam the laws are more flexible on distributing information regarding BDSM than in other countries. 

Master Dutch started exploring out the SM closet in 1977 and has been in M/s relationships for over two decades. Professionally he calls himself a generalist/entrepreneur with specialization mainly in the IT industry. Being semi retired he still is quite active with internet hosting, (web)development and large scale project management. Master Dutch is proud to own his "kleine meisje" slave sara, who he decided to marry in 2014.