Leather Tribal Revival

11:45AM – 1:00PM

Join us at the Leather Tribal Revival on Sunday morning for an experience like no other. This service goes beyond multifaith into the realm of spirit and celebrates the fantastic energy that is, when Leather and spirit combine.

Description: Seedling.jpgLeather Tribal Revival is set to do exactly that… REVIVE! With gratitude for everything, Leather Tribal Revival will delight your spirit and have you tapping your toes with glee. Leather Tribal Revival celebrates spirit however it is defined or experienced by each individual. The Leather Tribal Revival Team,will take from here and there, with this and that, and work hard to honor traditions, while celebrating liberation, family, and experiences with "the universe." Leather Tribal Revival will do things that many in the world think are impossible, and it will be awesome!

Come as you are and satiate your curiosity as to how a Leather Tribe awakens their spirit. Together our spirit grows strong.