In the tradition of the ‘Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt’, Butchmanns, Inc. facilitated the creation of a traveling Leather Quilt in 2005. This movable image of leather pride is comprised of 1-foot black leather squares bearing pins, patches, logos, and more….all linked together by metal hardware. Some of the squares were donated by individuals and others by clubs, organizations, and businesses, while others bear a mixture of pins or colors from multiple donors.

The quilt will eventually go to the Leather Archives and Museum, but until then, as it grows, the quilt raises funds for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) while it is displayed at leather events around the country.


Dozens of leather squares with pins and patches and artwork already appear on the quilt. All leather clubs, organizations, bars, stores, events, families, tribes and individuals are invited either to purchase and decorate a whole square or else to send appropriate memorabilia to the Leather Pride Quilt Project to be affixed to a composite square.

Any leather event may borrow the quilt for display. The Leather Pride Quilt has traveled across the country to many events. The quilt has become so large that it is now two separate pieces with one quilt for the east coast and one for the west coast.

For more information about The Leather Quilt Project and details on purchasing and donating a leather square to the quilt, please visit The Leather Quilt Project website