Leather Library Coming in 2016

November 2016

Southwest Leather Conference is excited to announce that the Carter/Johnson Leather Library will be featured at the January 21 – 24 conference held in Phoenix, AZ. The Carter/Johnson Leather Library is an extensive traveling exhibit containing more than 10,000 items, includes artwork, books, DVDs, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, pamphlets, photographs, club and event pins, posters and other materials that explore the world of alternative sexuality going back to the 1700s. The collection covers everything from 18th Century writings on the intersection of pain and pleasure to pulp erotica from the 1930s and 1940s, on up to complete series runs of LGBT and kinky pansexual magazines like Bizarre, Drummer Magazine, Cuir Underground, and Black Leather in Color.

The Carter/Johnson Leather Library, a 501(c)(3) organization, allows visitors to create an interactive relationship with the stories from the past and the present and link them to future generations. The exhibit is designed to put people in touch with their history by allowing them to hold it, read it, smell it, and know it. The visit to Southwest Leather Conference is partially funded by a grant from Butchmanns Inc. and the exhibit will be open to the entire community. Library hours will be announced closer to the event.

In addition to bringing the Carter/Johnson Leather Library to SWLC, the library founder Vi Johnson will be the Sunday Brunch keynote speaker. Vi …Viola…Mama Vi…Grandmama Vi…she is known by all those names but more importantly, she is known to be a strong advocate for the necessity of preserving leather/fetish/erotic history.  Vi is a leatherwoman, activist, author, and archivist who embarked on her journey in the Leather/BDSM scene in the early 1970s. She speaks and writes with a single-minded focus on the broad spectrum of issues that concern her and her community

Sunday Brunch is a highly anticipated component of the weekend event. The presentation of annual honors and awards is also a popular part of this Sunday morning activity. Brunch is an ala carte option that must be pre-purchased.   

Pass it on!

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