Humiliation & Degradation

Ever want to get into another person’s brain and rearrange their mental furniture? Take a peek under their emotional rocks? Shake up their snow globe of values and self-identity? Then this class is for you!
The body has limits. Grave limits. However, the limitations of the mind often extend far beyond what the eye can see. While there may be “land mines” in our field of feelings and fervor, navigating and stomping around them can be one of the most intimate styles of play between two - or more - people.
This class will dissect the art of causing mental/emotional discomfort and the beauty of stripping away a person’s humanity with humiliation, shame, and everything in between. We will discuss the differences between each method of madness and their appeal, tips for staying sane, and how to negotiate. The importance of self-awareness and communication will be emphasized.
**Please keep in mind that we will be discussing topics that may be triggering. It is important to be mindful of whatever mental or emotional triggers you may have before attending this presentation.**