Connection & Intimacy Through Bodily Fluids

Spit, piss, cum, vomit, tears, blood, scat… We grew up learning that what our bodies produce is ‘yucky’ and ‘gross’. We were taught not to talk about it. We learned to be ashamed of it. Some of us go so far as to not go “Number 2” in a public bathroom and we sure as hell didn’t bring it into the bedroom.
But why? Why must we feel embarrassed or ‘squicked out’ by fluids? Our bodily fluids are part of us. We create them. They are ours. When we share them with those we care about we have the potential to experience something beyond what we could possibly imagine. That connection, that closeness...that is the beautifully profound intimacy that is felt by all when we bring what is inside of us out into the world. 
Bodily fluids goes beyond Top and bottom, Dominant and submissive, or even Master and slave. When we open ourselves up to each other in that sacred space there is a shared vulnerability that nurtures and strengthens the bonds between us. Through bodily fluids we can create a connection and intimacy that surpasses anything we thought imaginable.