Conflict Resolution for Power Exchange Relationships

When we all entered the lifestyle we had an idea of what role we wanted or thought we wanted to be in the lifestyle. Whether we are Dominant, submissive, Poly or not, we all found something. But eventually, one thing happens to us all …. and that’s conflict. 
We don’t mean a drop down, drag out, MMA-style situation. We mean when you come to a situation where there is a difference of opinion or seeing something differently than your partner. In these situations, you may not only be on a different page, you may be in an entirely different book. What do you do? How do you deal with something that could very well end the relationship if you don’t handle it properly?
This class will give you some ways to recognize the conflicts life can throw at us, how to set up a positive way to deal with those conflicts and how to successfully communicate while being a part of the bdsm lifestyle and preserving your dynamics...whatever they are.