The property of one - now for more than 15 years, the girlfriend of another - for nearly 10, and now the love of an amazing butch, she's been the lover and meat to others in various magical spaces from minutes to days to years, a bootblack since circa 2000, labels are tricky, but queer, poly, and pig seem to stick throughout all the adventures of sex and love and pain, to responsible community participation and supporting others.  

Known for a sharp sense of humor, aggressive and heavy play style, now from both ends of the whip, she's also got a serious fetish for outstanding service done in simple, quiet, and exquisitely detailed fashion, and no patience for absurd showboating. Tread carefully on discussion topics where you want to share the "should-a, would-a" stuff of leather rules and definitions, it doesn't fly in this world.

"Well, who is she and why is she here?" experience includes often wondering the same thing, but she's facilitated workshops for more than 14 years on topics from surviving interrogation scenes and madly bottoming to bullwhips, to the art and skill of bootblacking, managing households, and having some skills to share about poly relationships. Event involvement and achievements include an ancient dusty sash as Ms. Olympus Leather 2003, a regularly dusted and shiny Rocky Mountain Pantheon of Leather in 2009, and the eternal joy of being a founder and past president of the Phoenix boys of Leather. In the herding cats category, a former IMsL Volunteer Coordinator, and now the Vendor Coordinator and likely permanently in service to the event.

Wanton cruising also disguised as event participation as staff, instructor, or judge includes: Tribal Fire, Southwest Leather Conference, Great Lakes Leather, SouthPlains Leather, Dark Odyssey Fusion, Lupercalia, Folsom Fringe, Leather Reign, TESFest. . . and whew, she gets around. Because, pig.