2017 Bootblack

Teagan the Bootblack  

Teagan is a Bootblack based out of Oakland, CA. As a child before church, she shined a pair of shoes and it was under her father’s watchful eye.

These days her skills are being put to more salacious uses. Upon joining the Leather community and discovering that taking care of leather could be about more than just basic maintenance, she began exploring the eroticism surrounding leather care. In 2013, she began to hone her craft starting with caring for the leathers of her close friends and lovers.  In 2015, she decided to undertake more formal skills training. Once she was working on her own, she began to develop an identity as a spiritual bootblack. She views herself as a healer. Mixing sage oil in with some of her products she seeks to purify both the leather and its owner during their time in her stand.  

She enjoys serving her community as a skilled bootblack, organizer and volunteer. She’s worked at major events including International Ms Leather, Leather HEAT, Dore Alley, and The Folsom Street Fair. She’s also worked as a coordinator for bootblacks at ‘The Playground’ at Folsom Street Fair and Dark Odyssey: Surrender. In 2016, she had the honor of being appointed the title of Southern California Bootblack 2016.