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Being Asexual in a Sexualized Community

With a title like that what more can we say. Join slave tabitha for an interesting discussion!


D/s Protocol: Navigating to Deep Waters

This workshop will investigate how to deepen connection through D/s Protocol. We'll discuss many different aspects, aiming to give attendees many options, not specific rules to follow. Instruction will take into account from both the Dominant and submissive perspectives.


Don't Cry - Unless you are trying to make me really hot!

Tears make the best lube!

Have you been brought to tears by intense, loving play and felt more connected, more centered and more focused as a result? Do you feel like sometimes you stretch and strive to get to the point in a scene where you can let the tears flow freely?

As a top or the dominant one in the scene do you feel aroused and pleased when your playmate cries? Do you get hot and aroused when they are able to achieve free flowing tears?

Let's explore this delightful aspect of play through lively shared discussion. All are welcome.


Female Led Authority Exchange Relationship: The One Twoo Way (the one true way)

In this interactive panel, Dominant Women will discuss "The One Twoo Way" (the one true way) as viewed by their individual dynamic and exchange preference. Be prepared for insights, view points, and a new understanding of the one twoo way! Everyone is welcome to attend and bring their questions!

Jolted Awake

Inspired by slave Rick’s new book, “Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir”, this presentation is designed to help you take the plunge and create sacred space for the sharing of experiential wisdom. Together we will explore such topics as how to be obedient to one’s authentic self when feeling both doubt and fear, what does it mean to view the world through soul-centered rather than ego-centered eyes, how can our M/s and D/s relationships foster the healing of past wounds and how can our SM experiences help us become more spiritually awake.

slave Rick is currently a licensed kink-aware psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA. First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master.

It is recommended that attendees read “Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir” prior to the presentation, but it isn’t a requirement. The book is available at and


Repairing the Broken Chalice: recovering from breakups in M/s

Often in M/s and D/s relationships there is discussion that the top will be there to help reprogram or deprogram the bottom if the relationship ends. While this is indeed the ideal, often the hurt emotions and other pains prevent the top from providing such services or the bottom from accepting them. When this happens, the bottom must find ways to repair themselves and recover from the structured life they have lived and build around their top.

In this class, we will discuss some of the ways xioayi has discovered over the years and over the course of her relationships and breakups that help deprogram the slave/submissive and leave us not only repaired and whole again but also stronger and more beautiful for the experience.


Riding the Rapids of Master/slave

Master Dennis and slave Bonnie have been together for 19 years. While today it is easier for them to walk this M/s path, things have not always been so pretty. The river has flowed thru rapids at times and sometimes overflowed its banks! There have been many mistakes, angry words, and difficult times. However, they have come out on the other side of hard times, children, grandchildren, parents, and the messiness that is life. Today they will share some of their challenges and how they found solutions. If you come prepared with some of your own questions, they will do their best to share how they approach some of those difficult situations to inspire you on your own path.


Will you walk into my parlor? Said the Spider To The Fly

The poem by Mary Howitt, published in 1829, tells of a cunning Spider who ensnares a naïve Fly through the use of seduction and flattery. The poem is a cautionary tale against those who use flattery and charm to disguise their true intentions. Looks like Mary was struggling to find the right partner too!

In an age of online profiles and photoshop, it can be difficult to know what you are getting into. Are you the spider or the fly? In this slightly interactive and highly entertaining lecture we will explore what matter to us, discover your hard YES! and practice how to communicate it effectively. Whether you are seeking your Unicorn, newly returning to the dating/courting world, or simply hoping to meet someone, this is the workshop for you!

Open to all. Be prepared to interact.

Back to the Future , Part M/s

When we ""took the plunge"" almost fourteen years ago, we had no idea what we were getting into as a Master and slave. All we knew is that this was HOT, it was something that had called to us for a long time and we were going to make it work.

Well, what if we hopped into that DeLorean and took that 88mph trip back to fourteen years ago? What would we tell ourselves at the beginning? What lessons have we learned over the years about being Master and slave? What tips and tricks would we give ourselves to make the road a bit less bumpy?

Master Michael and slave angie will share stories and lessons from their experiences as Master and slave. While their trip has sometimes felt like a ride using 1.21 gigawatts and flaming smoking tires, it has also been a dream to live each day together. Their hope is that you'll laugh, you'll learn, you'll ask questions and you'll come away with your own lessons to change YOUR future in your Power Dynamic relationship.


Black and White: Intersectionality and Race Relations 101

A beginners approach to cultural and political issues that severely impacts POC Cultures and how allyship and activism works to elevate social justice for those affected.

We will discuss common terminology used in social justice circles and learn how to dialogue about sensitive topics effectively and safely.


Gear Up: Leather As Political Resistiance

Leather protects us. Both emotionally and physically. Leather is our armor.

Join this class which is part lecture and part facilitated discussion by Teagan about the history of political activism in the leather community as well what we can do as a community to make a difference during the dark times ahead. The personal is political once again as our lives and our desires are politicized. As we look ahead toward uncertain times, we will resource share about what we are doing to #resist.

Let’s take lessons from our history. It was leather women who showed up to take care of gay men dying of AIDS. Whether it’s marching in the streets, fundraising for valuable non-profits, or providing support at home, your voice and your presence is needed in the resistance.


Handler 101 - You've got yourself a puppy, now what?

This class is discussion format and includes topics like rewards and corrections, consent, the basics of training, and how to interact with and engage your pup in healthy ways.


How I Got My Master's Degree

In this inspirational follow-up to “Priest in Black Leather” (SWLC 2004), Master Skip will share more insights and revelations—some humorous, some poignant—derived from his experiences as a spiritually grounded leather Master. The wisdom that he gleaned from these experiences profoundly shaped and refined his mastery…and may help you in yours as well.


In, Out, and Back Again

slave kirk first came to slavery in 1999 when he went into service to Master Steve Sampson of Butchmanns. This lasted for 9 years or so when his collar was removed and Master Steve became a Buddhist monk. At the time, kirk thought that he had outgrown slavery, but only later realized that it had transmuted into a different form. Now he's happily enslaved again.

Come and hear about slave kirk's journey into slavery, out of slavery, and back in again.


Losing my Lady- Illness and Loss in an M/s Dynamic and in the Community Eye

Based on his personal experiences, join Erich for a discussion on the sudden intrusion of serious illness into the M/s dynamic, how illness both forces change to the M/s roles and reinforces the dynamic at the same time. With only a brief focus on preparation and legalities, the heart of this discussion will focus on the course of emotions and grieving during the illness and after death, including rebuilding a life and emotional health again and landmines and milestones along the way. Particular attention will be given to the balance between the personal grief at the loss of a partner, and the partner as the focus of the community’s mourning and desire for a legacy.


Pet Play: Accessing Your Inner Animal

Sit! Stay! Come? Whoa! Let your inner puppy, kitty or pony out to play! Whether you're a Pit Bull or a Persian, an Arabian or a Airedale, this demo's for you!

Learn the basics of puppy play, pony play, and kitty play at this 'paws-on' demo with Dee. There's even info for trainers/handlers too!

Topics covered will include toys, gear, safety precautions, headspace, and how to play with someone in an animal role.


Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones

Don Miguel Ruiz said, “We search for everything we believe we don’t have, not knowing that everything we are looking for is already inside us. We are born with it.”

We all know what it is like when we feel there is a barrier between where we are in life and where we want to be. For Ms. Kelly Chance and her slave boiDi, the most significant lesson learned on their respective BDSM/Leather journies is that the primary barriers have been the stories we tell ourselves.

Join Ms. Kelly and her slave boi Di, as they explores what is merely a story, how stories can limit growth, where they come from, and what we can do when we realize we are in control of our own story. Ms. Kelly and slave boiDI will discuss methods they have used to help let go of self-limiting stories and free the erotic self.

This workshop will utilize their journeys, as well as yours, to help each other discover what is possible. Let’s turn our stumbling blocks into stepping stones to fulfilling relationships and our unique erotic selves.


The Science of BDSM: Data Blitz

Over the past six years, many SWLC attendees took time out of their conference to fill out surveys, match words, and circle ‘e’s. This year, we are back to share the results of the research that you made possible!

We’ll begin with a study that examined the relationship between stress and sex (do people have more or less sex when they’re stressed out, and does this change if they’re into BDSM?). We’ll move on to studies of clusters of BDSM activities (if someone’s into ice, do they also play with fire?), stereotypes of BDSM practitioners (they’re not all bad, though “50 Shades of Grey” didn’t help), and a possible benefit of Master/slave relationships (spoiler alert: they help conserve the willpower of the slave). We’ll finish with a study conducted in collaboration with Edgewalkers that examined altered states of consciousness and other psychological effects of hook pulls and hooked suspensions.

Join us for the 2018 SWLC Data Blitz!     


The Servant Master: From Control to Compassion

The archetype of the Servant Master is found in every major spiritual tradition, from the shamanic Native American medicine man who acts as the conduit between the tribe and the spirits of its ancestors, to Buddhist bodhisattvas who postpone their entrance into Nirvana in order to facilitate the enlightenment of others, to Jesus’ Last Supper revelation that, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave to all.” This profound and paradoxical teaching provokes a challenging question to those who claim the dominant role in a D/s relationship: “How am I called to be of service to those who serve me?”

Join Master Skip as he shares his insights into what it means to be a Servant Master and the alchemy that transforms dominance and submission into devotion and surrender. (This presentation, which is appropriate for both Dominants and submissives, will conclude with the audience participating in a moving, sacred ritual. A short break will be taken prior to the ritual to allow those who do not wish to participate to take their leave. Once the door to the meeting room has been closed, no one will be permitted to enter until the ritual has concluded.)


The Straight Razors Edge

Shaving, it is one of those mundane things we all have to do. For most, it is a matter of esthetics. Most folks use the good ol' safety razor. For this class we will learn how to kick it up by adding, the sexy as hell, straight razor! The intimacy, the sensations of the razor gliding across a throat, pussy or ass, hell any where on the body, the scrape of the hair being severed and the trust between two people as they dance the razors edge! Yes folks, shaving can be fun, sexy and just a little dangerous! Blood optional;-)


The Switch Challenge, the Switch Reward

Join Ms. Kelly Chance as she discusses the various challenges and rewards when developing a relationship with a partner that switches.

Switch is a catch-all phrase that encompasses many combinations or roles and relationship dynamics. Because of this Ms. Kelly encourages others to ask questions vs. making assumptions about someone identifying as a switch and determining if they might make a good partner or not. With the growing number of people who identify as switches in our community, we often find ourselves meeting a potential partner who identifies this way. It seems conventional wisdom is that these relationships come with too many challenges so many people avoid them.

Ms. Kelly will address this paradigm with personal experiences and also highlight the rewards that can be a part of a relationship with a switch. Her slave boiDi will also share experiences being a slave to a Master who is in service to another. Bring your experience and questions to enrich this interactive discussion style workshop.


Trigger Points for Vaginal Genitorture and Fisting

This class focuses on external and internal trigger points to cause pain to and open up the pelvic region. We'll cover some basic anatomy, safety concerns, and my favorite bits to torture. As an added bonus, releasing pelvic trigger points can bring more ease to the vaginal fisting process, or simply provide another avenue for hands-on genitorture.


What Does It Mean to Own Another Person?

Owning another person is a big responsibility.  Come discuss the ups, downs and greatness of owning another person.  What are the challenges and what are the rewards?

Come with your questions and we will explore the excitement of owning another person!