xiaoyi was the Southwest Leather Bootblack 2016. She loves Leather, costuming, pain and protocols. She flags orange and Leather Worship.

xiaoyi’s mission is to help create understanding and acceptance among people for each to learn and grow and be as they are. She works to do this through education and demystification.  She openly shares of her journey in hopes that she might help others who face similar challenges.

Seldom shy or at a loss for words, xiaoyi enjoys deep philosophical, spiritual and religious discussions.  xiaoyi is a member in good standing of three local MAsT groups, Operations for Colorado Leather Fest, on the board for the Marquis Lifestyle Center, a group dedicated to helping educator vanilla groups such as counselors, police and first responders how to treat and care for BDSM practitioners when they encounter us, a member of the Voodoo Leatherworks Leadership Board, and has served the board of the Colorado CAL, and was the co-presenter for the Denver Shibari Jams. 

Her favorite color is rainbow and her favorite flower is tulips.   She has a wry sense of humor and red hair.  When asked if the curtains match the drapes, she will gladly tell you ‘“I installed hard wood.”