WhipMaster Bob


Bob Clark has been involved in M/s relationships and the leather community for nearly 30 years, enjoying partnerships and play relationships with men and women, and enjoying every opportunity to meet new people. Heavily experienced in SM, and edge play in particular, he was gifted with his name through his prowess with singletails. He believes that honor and integrity are paramount in his relationships and dealings with everyone. His tastes in SM are as broad and varied as the lifestyle itself ranging from being a new player's "first time" to an advanced player's roller coaster ride operator.

Although, pushing the envelope is a passion, and Bob believes the essence of edge play is pure, unadulterated and brutal truth. So, from a spiritual side, you could call him a seeker of truth. His philosophy and desire, is to make a positive difference within the community, believing that "paying it forward" does honor, to those that came before and taught him.

In the midst of all this serious truthseeking and pain dispensing, he manages to keep a great sense of humor and has had opportunity to travel the US with his property, BootPig, having adventures, meeting people and teaching at events such as TES Fest, Folsom Fringe, Tribal Fire, Southwest Leather and more.