slave tabitha


slave tabitha met her one and only Master over 16 years ago and has never looked back! she is Southwest Leather Bootblack 2009 and International Ms Bootblack 2015. slave tabitha is the first transgender woman to earn the title in a 30 years of IMsLBB organization.  she ran for the title to increase the visibility of transgender women in the leather. she is the founder of #AskMe for transgender awareness.  slave tabitha serves as team lead for the bootblack lounge and is the  graphic designer for Southwest Leather Conference. her artistic, sexual and spiritual expressions are wonderful experiences that she enjoys during her bootblacking. slave tabitha’s artistry also takes form in donating her design skills for organizations and individuals in the leather/kink community; including Leatherati, the Women’s Leather History Program at LA&M, IMsLBB Weekend and IMsL Foundation. she the bootblack contest co-coordinator for the International Community Bootblack title.