slave Kirk


slave kirk is the property of Master Bob Blount. This slaveboy first came to slavery back in 1999 as the slave of Master Steve Sampson. Together the two of T/them won the International Master and slave titles in 2000 at the South East Leatherfest. For the next few years slave kirk and his Master toured the USA giving workshops at Leather events wherever they could.

slave kirk was a slave instructor at the Butchmanns Academy in Palm Springs, CA and later in Tucson, AZ. Currently he is a slave instructor for the all-male sessions of the Butchmanns Experience held in Phoenix, AZ. He has served as judge at the NW Master/slave contest and was Head Judge at the International Master/slave Contest for South Plains Leatherfest’s10th anniversary. slave kirk is also the longest serving member of the Board of Directors for Butchmanns, Inc.