slave Angie


A slave to Master Michael for over 13 years, a femme leatherwoman, bootblack, masochist and puppy. Slave angie has worked hard to grow in the Master/slave dynamic that means so much to her, and has found love and happiness in being who she is. Angie’s path as a slave has taken her to explore a more spiritual/deeper element, as well as learning to share her experiences to others, teaching when she’s asked to, around the world.  

Angie is honored to be International slave 2014. She is co-recipient of the 2015 Jack Stice Memorial award and 2015 Pantheon Couple of the Year award. She is also officer and Treasurer for the Chicago Leather Club and a member of the Butchmanns Board of Directors. Angie loves to ride with Michael and keep active in service to her Master and community, as well as making sure Master has plenty of gray hairs.