No: Saying the Hard Thing and Hearing the Hard Thing

This is an interactive workshop class all about the word NO. Without being able to use the word, "no," it becomes impossible to negotiate authentically for play, negotiate within relationships and to enforce your personal boundaries to protect your sense of self. Those of you who know vegasaurus_rex are probably not surprised to hear that her very first word as a wee baby was, "No!" But that doesn't mean it's easy for her -- it just means she's had more practice.

This class is meant to have very limited lecture at the top of the class. We will discuss good and bad ways to soften "No," process some of the pain and rejection that can come from hearing it and brainstorm solutions for those folks who just don't seem to hear "No," no matter how many times you say it. However, emphasis of the class will be creating a safe space to practice saying and hearing no from each other. 

I'll be pairing folks up and changing the pairings throughout the class. Hopefully, everyone will gain some experience in saying no to the type of person that most intimidates them in a safe and non-judgemental space. We will have some practice with saying no in silly and non-threatening situations and build up to more heartfelt situations that can require a "No." Participation is never required but always appreciated. We'll end with a large-group discussion about the experience.