Master Wolf


Master Wolf has been active in the LGBTQ community since the mid 70’s and
was one of the leaders in fight for the right of gays to marry. After a
many arrests and some jail time, he embarked on his educational journey
and left Chicago to attend graduate school. It was here that he met his
Sensei who introduced him to the Leather community and where his heart
found its home. The traditions and values he learned over the next 5 years
have become the very core of who he is and the life he strives to live In
2010, Master Wolf was honored and humbled by being presented his Master’s
Cover from Master Z, Mark Frasier and the late Lady Lynette.

He is the founder of Kink Aware Healing, a counseling, coaching & bodywork
practice. Master Wolf received his MS in Radical Psychology, & is a
Counselor & Ordained Minister, as well as a certified Clinical
Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Licensed Massage
Therapist. He has studied many different energy healing modalities and
incorporates them in some interesting fashions both for work & play –
including the use of knives for energy and chakra healing. (He just can’t
resist those kinky implements!)

Master Wolf is has served in various capacities in many Leather & Kink
groups & boards over the years. Since he moved to Phoenix, he served on
the judging panel for the Leathertarian Awards, was faculty for the
Butchmanns Experience and Team Lead for SWLC. He has presented on
various S/m & M/s topics at events & clubs across the country, has judged
at local and regional Leather & Master/slave contests, and had the honor
of judging at the 2009 International Master/slave Contest.