Master Kat


Master Kat is a gender non-binary Top, Daddy, Sadomasochist, and Sir, who entered the community in early 2013. Since then, Master Kat has organized munches, facilitated discussions, and assisted in numerous aspects of local and national BDSM & Leather community. They are an active volunteer, and facilitator at Arizona Power Exchange. Additionally, They have presented at Southwest Leather Conference, TNG-AZ, and Desert Dominion. Since 2015, Master Kat has served as Social Media Director for Behind Closed Doors. As of 2018, They are serving as the Marketing Coordinator for Southwest Leather Conference.

They invest their time and effort into fostering a move inclusive, and vibrant Leather community, as well as personal & spiritual development. Of which Their philosophy on Authority Exchange Dynamics is rooted. Master Kat advocates for TNG Leatherfolk, and gender diversity in the lifestyle. Master Kat is also the Patriarch of House Enso, Their Leather Family, and is the lucky owner of Their wonderful boy, pup chunk.