July: Dore Alley Weekend

Ever since I found the leather community, the last weekend in July has been my favorite weekend. In San Francisco California we hold the Dore Alley Street Fair. This year was my 4th year in attendance. Dore alley is the lesser known of the two major San Francisco Fetish Fairs. It’s the dirty cousin to Folsom Street Fair. To me, Dore is more fun than Folsom. It’s a little bit smaller and more intimate — and there are less lookyloos from outside the community.

This year I inherited the job of coordinating the main bootblack stands Deb and boyJean who had run them the past 7 years. They had done such an amazing job over the past 7 years, I knew I had big shoes to fill. My girl Jesbian worked the concierge, and I did all the behind the scenes work. We had three bootblack shifts with five people working each shift. Every year the bootblack stands raise money for charity. The ticket to get in line is 10$ and that goes to Project Open Hand. This year we raised just over 1000$ in 7 hours at the stands. 

I also helped coordinate the bootblack stands on Saturday for a fundraiser that helped fund the Ringold Leather History Project. Before the fair was called Dore Alley, it was actually called Ringold Alley. Leather Historian Gayle Ruben has been working on a public street art installation in Ringold Alley, but they needed some help to raise some funds. The event in total raised over 700$ for the Ringold Alley History Project! It really was an incredible time.


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