Boots & Cigars…

9:00PM – Midnight

Our always popular and sizzling hot Boots & Cigars party will be on the covered portico on Friday night after the opening festivities. Stop by for a smoke, music, bootblacking, and chocolate cake.

Wear your leathers and experience the hedonistic pleasure of having one of the bootblacks take care of them. Gratuities encouraged…moans of pleasure expected.

The San Diego girls of Leather will have a limited selection of cigars available as well as some party favors. They can also provide personal cigar service. A portion of the gratuities will benefit the titleholders travel fund.

For those of you experienced with our event, you know how hot the chocolate cake ritual is. For those who have never taken part in this tradition….join us for erotic nibbles of pleasure. Did you know that the bootblack chocolate cake ritual began at SWLC in 2005? That’s right! in 2005 one of the bootblacks at the event was celebrating a birthday and chocolate cake was offered. Chocolate cake chaos ensued as the guests shared the creamy, decadent goodness. A tradition was created and nowadays chocolate cake is often shared in this unique way whenever a group of bootblacks gather for fun and shenanigans.