Boi Bear


Bear is the Southwest Bootblack 2012 titleholder. She has been in the BDSM community for 15+ years and involved in the local Phoenix community for 10+ years. Bear is dedicated to self improvement and is constantly learning more about herself and her community every day. A Leather boi to the core, she is proud to share of her Leather Service Heart with her community.

Bear is a member of the Dragon~Clan family and an active member of the Phoenix area community. She has enjoyed many years of service as a volunteer at APEX (Arizona Power Exchange), Southwest Leather Conference, as a member of the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and as a staff member of the Butchmanns Experience and DESIRE. Bear has given presentations on the subjects of Fisting, Single-tail whips, Bootblacking and Boot Worship, and Trampling around the southwest region.