Archer (ATL)


Leather, just the sound of the word gives a sense of the sensual power of treated skins. As a teen Archer started working with leather, the smell and feel of it had some primal effect on him. Even then the power images of leather had a part in his sexual fantasies. Leatherwork went by the wayside for awhile but returned in Dallas, TX in 1996 when he began his leather business, Fantasies In Leather.

Archer’s relationship with his slave Elegant started in September of 1998 and prompted him to get more involved with the Leather community. His immediate Leather family now also includes Renee and Boi Lane. Archer received the 2009 Pantheon of Leather Southeast Regional award. He is an Environmental Health & Safety Professional and incorporates this technical knowledge in many of his presentations. He provides educational experiences to groups large and small on subjects ranging from S&M technique to ‘Using Exemplars For Master/slave Development’ and classes on the spiritual application of BDSM activities. Archer is a shaman and completed Fakir Musafar’s body piercing and branding intensive schools in order to offer these arts with a more spiritual, less clinical, focus.